International Master Gardener Conference 2011

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West Virginia University Extension Service and the West Virginia Master Gardener Association invite you to join us at the 2011 International Master Gardener Conference, October 11-14 in Charleston, West Virginia.

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Registration Guide

We are excited that you are joining us for the 2011 International Master Gardener Conference. As you get ready to register, please read through this guide, as well as information about the conference. If you have questions, email us and include your phone number with your question.

  • The early bird price of the conference is $250 which includes keynote and featured speakers, breakout sessions, opening reception, Wednesday’s banquet with entertainment, as well as two lunches, and three breakfasts. The conference will open on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 6 p.m., with the “Taste of West Virginia” reception and close Friday after the Search for Excellence and Junior Master Gardener Awards, keynote speakers and other speakers schedule for that morning.
  • Each registered master gardener is entitled to bring a guest to the conference. This guest can participate in conference activities at several different levels. The first level would be full conference registration at $250 which includes the reception, banquet, three breakfasts and two lunches, keynote and featured speakers and breakout sessions. At the full conference registration level day tours would be in addition to the registration fee. Other options would be to register your guest for “additional day tour” and/or for an “additional banquet ticket.” If the options for additional items are chosen meals, keynote and featured speakers and breakout sessions are not included.
  • Early bird pricing will end after June 9, 2011. The price of the conference will increase to $300, all pre- and post-tours will increase by $40 and all day tours will increase by $10.
  • Review the speakers grid /schedule to assist you in selecting your sessions and featured speakers. Also note that many of the day tours will be held at the same time as educational sessions. The day tours schedule can be viewed at
  • There are three optional pre-tours and two optional post-tours offered during the conference. In addition to purchasing your own ticket, you may purchase an additional ticket for a non-registered guest to join you on these tours.
  • On both Wednesday and Thursday, there will be three featured sessions at 10:45 a.m., please select one of these sessions if you do not have a day tour that starts at 11 a.m.
  • On both Wednesday and Thursday, there are educational concurrent sessions offered at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Descriptions of these sessions are available on the speakers page. On Thursday, a special workout session “Garden Fitness – Workout Session” by Nan Quinlan is being offered at 4:45 p.m.
  • Show your MG pride by pre-ordering a variety of clothing items to be picked up at the conference. To purchase the merchandise, select the box next to the item and then make size and color selections.
  • After you select any tours, your educational sessions and any clothing items, you will be taken to a page to give us your personal information. At the bottom of the page, please indicate if you would prefer vegetarian meals throughout the conference.
  • You may pay by credit card or check. The address to send your check will be listed on your receipt page. Your registration requests will be entered upon receipt of your check. In the event any of your choices are closed prior to receipt of your payment, we will contact you concerning a new choice.


If you have questions about the conference you can contact a member of the IMGC Conference Committee.