International Master Gardener Conference 2011

Janet Macunovich
& Steven Nikkila
Janet Macunovick Steven Nikkila

Presentation Titles:

  • Gardeners – 21st Century Shamans (featured)
  • Garden Kaleidoscope: The Garden Through Rose Colored Glasses

Presentation Descriptions:

Garden Kaleidoscope: The Garden Through Rose Colored Glasses
What you want determines what you do. This workshop looks at 20 different gardens of varying types, from large public garden to private individuals’ ornamental-, vegetable- and enabling gardens. It focuses on how each gardener’s purpose affects what things are done in that garden and how they are done. It celebrates the revelations we ourselves have had in working with gardening clients, to see that every garden is unique and every way of doing things is “right”. We visit the 20 gardens over a 10 year period and so include some very interesting before/after images and lessons.

Gardeners – 21st Century Shamans
Many gardeners are more attuned to the natural world than the average person. As a result, many non-gardeners view gardeners as special people, the shamans and wisewomen of the modern world. Here’s a look at how and why that happens, and the opportunity it affords the gardener to increase his or her contribution to the community’s well-being.


Janet Macunovich is a Michigan State Advanced Master Gardener and speaker known for her lively, down-to-earth style. She’s helped other gardeners for 19 years in her nine books, weekly Detroit News columns, e-magazine What’s Coming Up, Fine Gardening and other publications. She founded and operated the Michigan School of Gardening to offer hands-on practical gardening opportunities. She gardens professionally in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Massachusetts.

Steven Nikkila is a horticultural photographer and professional gardener who has gardened in his home State of Michigan and other places since 1984. He was senior instructor at the Michigan School of Gardening from 1996 through 2007. His photos are featured in many books, magazines and his weekly e-magazine, What’s Coming Up. Steven has a degree in Landscape Technology from Oakland Community College.